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LANTIAN 5.8G Wide Voltage bluetooth Timer Personal Practice Version for FPV Racing Drone


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                                          APP INTERFACE

Frequency: 5.8G
Supply voltage: 5-16V
Input: JST plug
Size: 50×25×12.8mm
Weight: 17g
Personal Practice Version, bluetooth connection, Wide Voltage 5-16V.
Package included:
1 x LANTIAN 5.8G Timer

Android App
The app is now available on Google Play.

Download link:
The app consists of 4 tabs:
First search for bluetooth “LANTIAN”
Enter password “1234”
· SETUP – race preconditions and device settings:
· FREQ – VTX channel/band for each Solo device
· PILOTS – Pilot name and RSSI threshold for each channel
· RACE – start/stop race and race results
Controls on the tabs are mostly self-explanatory. Still some clarifications might be useful:
· Enable device sounds: tick to enable device buzzers.
· Minimal Lap Time: use +/- to increase/decrease minimal lap time. Set enough time to let a drone leave the "above-threshold RSSI area" after lap time is captured.
· Skip first lap: tick if start table is located before the start/finish gate (first lap time will be skipped because it's not a full lap); untick if start table is located right behind the laptimer (first lap time will be tracked only if minimal lap time is passed after the race start).
· RSSI Threshold: use +/- to fine-tune RSSI threshold.
· Set/Clear: long tap to capture/clear currently measured RSSI value as a threshold.
· Calibrate Timers: different Arduino devices have different oscillators accuracy and it may slightly deviate from 16MHz. In order to make sure that same timespan is measured equally on different devices, you need to calibrate them before the race.
· Start Race: tap to start tracking laps. This same button is used to Stop the race.
When you stop the race, Chorus device immediately clears saved lap times, but they remain visible in the application until new race is started. Also the Race data is saved in CSV reports on your device (if you grant the Write to SD Card permissions)
LiPo Monitoring feature has a "hidden" possibility for adjustment. If voltage measured by LiPo Monitor in Android App doesn't correspond to real voltage of your battery, perform a long tap on a voltage value to see the Adjustment controls:

Setup and Usage Guide
1. Power on the LANTIAN Timer device and put it on the ground in the middle of the finish gate facing upwards.
2. Start the mobile app and connect to the LANTIAN Timer device.
3. Setup VTX Band/Channel for each Solo device in Android app (on the "Freq" tab)
4. Fully prepare racing drones and power them up (VTX must be powered in racing mode).
5. Take a powered drone a bit above the gate.
6. Capture current RSSI value as a threshold using the Android app (use "Set" button for appropriate channel on "Pilots" tab).
7. Repeat steps 5,6 for each drone taking part in a race.
8. Calibrate timers using the corresponding button on a "Race" tab (in case you have more than 1 Solo device).
9. Start Race in the app.
10. Fly the track and see the lap times being captured.


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